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Fedora Linux

Fedora, the fedora project, formerly known as Fedora Core is mainly sponsored by Redhat. Its is mainly based on the Redhat distribution.

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo is one of the most widely used Linux distribution because of its flexibility to install on mostly any type of PC.

Redhat Linux

Redhat is one of the most complete and stable distribution of Linux.

CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux is a distribution of RedHat Enterprise Linux. It is 100% compatible to RedHat Linux.

Debian Linux

Debian from the Debian Project, is a distribution totally free.

Mandriva Linux

Mandriva is a full featured Linux distribution comprising of lots of free applications, effortless 3D desktop, etc...

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, Linux for human beings, is a distribution mainly based on the Debian Linux. Ubuntu comes with the Gnome desktop environment. Ubuntu has several versions example Kubuntu which comes with the K desktop environment.